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Sept 2020

How can local bra fitting stores survive the pandemic and be able to generate income? The answer is to change the way we operate by offering VIRTUAL BRA FITTING and adapting to the requirements of the new reality.


However, whether or not there is a pandemic, many women seek help in choosing a bra, but not all have the opportunity to live near a bra fitting store. Physical disability, which prevents you from appearing in the shop for a bra fitting consultation, can also be a challenge.

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I bought the Virtual Brafitting course from Izabela. 
The course is perfect. Izabela really gives everything in a ready to implement form, for incredibly little money. I was wondering whether to buy this course, because unfortunately my boutique has been closed for a month, I do not earn anything and it would seem that investment at such difficult times as we have now is not a good idea. 
However, it turned out that it was one of my best decisions of the last few weeks. My mind was already buzzing about quitting it all and closing the business, giving up.
Thanks to this course and the wonderful idea of Izbela to introduce "Virtual Bra fitting", I gained knowledge, hope and new enthusiasm for work.
Thank you with all my heart. 

The strategy of VIRTUAL BRA FITTING that I have developed and practiced for years consists of 8 lessons:


1. Introduction and discussion of a case study.


2. Preparation of the workplace and the customer for the virtual bra fitting consultation. Additional materials to download: a comprehensive customer card, a store privacy policy, a consent to the use of personal data.


3. Confirmation of the meeting - conversation scheme and preparing the client for the virtual form of the consultation. Additional material is a checklist that sums up individual topics that should be discussed in a conversation with the client.


4. The procedure of conducting virtual consultation, the most important part of which is to respect the client's privacy and create a pleasant atmosphere. The goal is to ensure her psychological comfort by skilfully conducting the entire consultation process. Additional materials to download: a checklist for conducting virtual bra fitting, a table for calculating the bra size in EU and UK measure systems and an international calculator for cup sizes and circumferences.


5. Consultation tips that sum up the results of consultations, including sales tips on how to maximise transactions. Additional materials: a sample email content summarising the meeting and a checklist for follow-up consultation.


6. Procedure for carrying out the follow-up bra fitting consultation to ensure that the underwear supplied actually fits. Additional materials: a register of virtual bra fitting consultations that allows you to track the progress on each stage of the consultation.


7. A toolbox with instructions on using the tools available on the market to make online reservations along with instructions for their use as well as tools for collecting feedback from consultations and testing the level of customer satisfaction with the service received.


8. Promotion - ways to effectively promote your new virtual bra fitting consultation service.



The best recommendation are the comments of customers who have already undergone such a service.



I highly recommend the virtual bra fitting! ❤❤❤ it was very nice, matter-of-fact, I learned many new things! It's really worth taking 30 minutes to change your thinking about bras! 😁

Save your business from errors that occur when you undertake something new on your own. Take advantage of my experience and receive from me the tested in practice, complete know-how of conducting a virtual bra fitting consultation with instructions on how to use free online tools.


Małgorzata Karwińska,


There will be fans of virtual bra fitting. I'm sure of it.

Barbara Wiśniewska,


I already had about 30 virtual consultations and I had to exchange a bra only twice.

Barbara Wiśniewska,


Most clients I have are ones who have recently given birth and cannot leave the house.

Katarzyna Grabowska,


This is a great convenience for ladies who are not able to visit stationary bra fitting stores. During the consultation I always ask what prompted the ladies to choose our service. In addition to answering the prevailing pandemic, many women believe that this is a very good and convenient solution for people who do not have time to get to the store - e.g. ladies looking after children at home - or do not have such stores in their area.

Barbara Wiśniewska,


It is not as difficult as it seems. Customers also learn a lot due to the fact that they measure themselves. Their awareness improves.

Katarzyna Grabowska,


Many ladies previously only watched us on Facebook or Instagram, and the virtual consultation gave them the opportunity to try the bra fitting service for the first time and without having to travel to the store. There are also ladies from abroad who are not able to take advantage of the bra fitting consultation in their area.